19 Truckers Describe The Weirdest And Creepiest Things They’ve Seen In The Middle Of The Night

Lost Highway

“Trucker stories” may seem like an innocuous phrase, but when you start actually thinking about what truckers do all day, you realize that from a certain perspective, the job can be a little creepy. For one, many truck drivers are alone all day; two, they’re alone in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, all the time. It’s only natural, then, that if you look hard enough, there are plenty of creepy trucker tales out there.

A Series Of Lightning Strikes, Then Blackout

Veronica Domeier


I was driving though Kansas on I-70 at night once when I hit one of the craziest thunderstorms I’ve ever seen. It was so bad the road started flooding a bit and I had to pull into a service plaza and wait it out, when the creepy part happened. As I was sitting in the truck watching the storm, there were a series of lightning strikes followed by a blackout.

Suddenly, a massively bright light starts moving behind the clouds, too slowly to be an aircraft but too fast to be part of the storm system. It moves up over the hills and trees before crossing directly overhead then disappears a bit behind the service plaza. The transit from tree line to plaza took maybe 5 to 10 minutes, and while it was overhead it cast everything in an eerie blue glow and lit up the parking lot. I seriously thought aliens were invading or something. Anyway, within 10 minutes of the creepy light disappearing, the rain completely stopped and the parking lot lights came back on, like someone flipped a switch. I got the out of there while looking in my mirrors for spaceships or those alien walkers from War of the Worlds. [Source]


What Are The Chances?

Damian Gadal


My uncle was a long haul trucker. The night his father passed away he was traveling from Ontario to Florida. He got the call from my mother and pulled into the next truck stop to process the news. There was a bar beside the stop and the name of the bar was my grandfather’s first and last name. He even took a picture and sent it to us. It was surreal. [Source]


He Never Stopped After Dark Again

David DeHetre


I was crossing the Navajo Nation on my way to Colorado in the 90’s. It was around 1 am and I was really tired so I pulled over between Gallup and Ship Rock. Had a nightmare of evil looking faces coming at me out of pitch black, screaming. I woke up, started my rig, and when I turned on my headlights there was a coyote and a jack rabbit sitting about 10 feet apart, just on the edge of the light. Never had a nightmare like that before or since. Have traveled that route a few times but never stopped after dark again. [Source]


He Had To Keep Driving Over The Spot

Kevin Dooley


A long row of dark trucks on a corner, and I knew right away.

It’s unusual to see a single truck on the side of the highway, and for good reason. It’s a dangerous place to be, and almost nothing can’t wait for the next interchange.

To see a row of 20 trucks, with only the marker lights is an ominous and disquieting feeling. You know that something has made them stop. Something so shocking and offensive to their senses they’d be late to everything by an hour, they’d risk their truck and load on the side road and their lives.

By the time I rounded the corner my worst suspicions were correct. A massive truck/car pileup greeted me, blocking the opposite lanes. So fresh that the coolant still steamed on an August tarmac. So fresh that the only people helping the injured were the owners of the parked and dark rigs.

Three people died in that wreck, and fourteen times a week I drove over the spot they died, thinking of the people trying to save them as the first responders struggled to dodge traffic. [Source]


She Slept With The Bunk Light On That Night



Years ago, my wife was driving across the dessert on I-10 out in the southwest US. Beautiful night, full moon. As she looked up ahead she saw what she thought was water flowing across the headline. She slowed down thinking maybe a storm somewhere had caused a flash flood, even though the weather was clear. As she slowly approached she realized it was actually thousands upon thousands of tarantulas migrating.

She said, “Hell no.” She drove through as fast as the truck would go with the radio cranked to drown out the crunching. The first truck stop she pulled into had a very well lit fuel island. She got out with a flashlight to make damn sure there were no live ones on the truck. When other drivers asked her what she was doing, she simply said, “Tarantula migration,” and suddenly had a team of drivers checking over her truck. She said she slept with the bunk light on that night. [Source]


Merge Over NOW

Mohit Gupta


Driving home from a trip one night, something told me to merge over, so I did. About a quarter mile later there was a guy sitting in the middle of the lane I was just in, freaked me out like nothing else had. [Source]


The Swamp Calls

Brian Yap (葉)


I was driving cross country once, coming into Louisiana it started getting spooky. Lots of cars on the side of the road near a swamp. Kinda felt the swamp calling to me, wanted to pull over for some reason. Going about 60, I cross over a short bridge and there’s a golden retriever puppy in a dog bed looking clean and not scared, right on the side of the bridge. Freaked me the hell out. I’m a dog lover but I’m not stopping there for a damn thing. [Source]


What Was Really In The Fog?

Stefen Acepcion


I was driving through the back roads of Arkansas around three AM. Suddenly I hit a dense fog bank. It was so thick that I knew I should have pulled off the road because I could barely see in front of me, but sometimes pulling over can be just as dangerous. So I slow to about 20 MPH and put my hazards on. I see no other cars coming from the other way or behind me.

After about 15 minutes, I start seeing humanoid shadows illuminated by my headlights darting around the sides of the road and across it. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I saw maybe five or six of them. Never got a good look, all I saw was shadows darting back and forth, but they we definitely human-shaped. Needless to say, I was freaked out, and wanted to get away. I sped up a bit and after about give minutes, I came out of the fog bank. It ended just as suddenly as it came. I speed away at my allotted 65 MPH and didn’t stop till the sun came up. [Source]


Where Did It Go?



Weirdest thing I’ve seen as of yet is a vanishing truck. Middle of nowhere in Wyoming, can’t remember the road I was on. I had just turned onto a smaller highway and had another truck not far behind me make the same turn. Saw him in my mirrors about 200 yards back. This road has about a foot-wide shoulder, and no pull-offs except narrow gravel field access drives.

The road is a bit twisty so I’d lose sight of him and then see him again. Eventually I stopped seeing him completely. Came to my next turn about 12 miles after I had got on that road, made my turn and pulled off right around the corner to take a 30-minute break. Could see the corner in my mirror and figured I’d wait and see if he shows up. He didn’t.

I finished my 30-minute break and had decided to head back that way to see if he needed help. There’s no cell signal out there at all, so if he’s broken down, he’s truly stuck. Drove that whole 12 miles back, turned around, and drove it again and saw no trucks and no other traffic. There was nowhere he could have gone, and nowhere to turn around. [Source]


He Watched It All

Natalia Medd


A family friend got into an accident with a pick up truck full of drunk teenagers. Neither he nor the kids inside could open the doors, so he watched them all burn alive. He had nightmares about it for years. [Source]


Just Don’t Make Eye Contact

Arne Halvorsen


Girlfriend and I are driving back to Los Angeles from AZ, and stop at one on the 10E just after Coachella Valley.

It’s about 2am but I really have to pee, and she does too. As we pull in there’s a good amount of trucks on their side, and cars on our side; but I don’t see any people. It’s got a real creepy vibe and my girlfriend decides she can wait to pee; so I head to the bathroom while she stays in the car with the doors locked.

In the bathroom is a barefoot, very dirty man sitting on the floor under the sinks watching videos on his phone. Ok weird, but I live in Hollywood, so I just avoid eye contact, do my business, and leave.

Gf decides she does need to go, so I walk her to the bathroom and wait outside. Still no human activity in the rest stop.

We get back to my little Subaru and grab some snacks from the trunk and get in the car; the doors are locked and the engine is on, but we are sitting there for a minute or two preparing to go when I catch a glimpse of headlights in my mirror.

An old 70s massive sedan is slowly passing behind us and I can see it’s filled with 4-5 men; their windows are down, and they pull into the spot immediately next to us. Mind you, I parked nowhere near any other cars, but they pulled up right besides us.

Before they came to a stop, my spidey senses tingled and I jammed my car into reverse and flew backwards as I heard their driving yelling “Hey! hey! hey!” To get our attention. And then they put their car into reverse to back up in front of me and block me from leaving.

But thankfully I’m driving a new Subaru vs their old clunky sedan from the 70s and without taking an extra beat I floor it and swerve to avoid them while they back up.

We booked it out of the stop and I did a good 90 on the 10 for a few miles.

I can’t say for sure what would’ve happened if we stayed; but I don’t think they were asking for directions. [Source]


Out In The Desert Your Mind Goes To Strange Places



On US-160 between Kayenta and Tuba City, Arizona. Very lonely, very dark road. Speed limit is 65, start slowly coming up on a car a few MPH below that. Once I get close, that car suddenly drops down to 35 and sits at that speed with the hazard lights on and me stuck behind it. I’m wondering what’s going on, if another car is going to appear out of nowhere and try to run me off the road, rob me or worse. No cars coming the other direction, no cell service. Single lane, can’t risk a pass because the road is so dark and windy. Finally found a straightaway, got around that car and got the hell out of there. Probably wouldn’t have thought much of it on some country road in Ohio, but out in the desert your mind goes to strange places. The Navajo nation can sometimes feel like a pretty lawless place. [Source]


There It Was

Jeff Turner


Basically, I was driving through Montana headed east, and my company had miscalculated my mileage, so I requested an emergency fuel up. I got a response with the nearest gas station that I could get approved at. It wasn’t exactly close. So I turn off the main highway and head toward my stop.

It’s pitch black, theres no moon, no city light, and I haven’t seen any headlights for about an hour. I’m cruising down the highway and I see something in the middle of the road at the furthest extent of my headlights, so I slow down, naturally, as I approach it. When I come to pass it, I get one good glance at it and slam on my breaks as I pass right in the middle of the highway. All I could think was, what the hell did I just see… so I back up, looking in my mirror until I see its red silhouette in my brake lights.

I pull my breaks, put on my jacket and grab my flashlight and hop out. I walk to the back of my trailer and put my light on it, and there it was. A headless, skinless, mangled corpse. I froze and my jaw dropped. I didn’t know what I was looking at. I just stood there, in the middle of the highway, in the cold, stagnant air, the only sound is the hum of my truck fifty feet back, watching the steam rise from this pile of meat. There was no fur, there was no clothing, just a fully intact ribcage with a mess of other miscellaneous bones attached by ligaments.

I debated calling the police, as the ribcage looked big enough for someone my size, but I looked at my phone and had zero cell service, and the nearest town was about 50 miles out. When I put my phone away I flashed my light around and standing at the end of the road we’re a handful of coyotes staring at me. Then they started coming through the fence and trotting my direction. I figured this is the part where I get back in the truck before I get into a situation, so I did, and continued on my way.

I still to this day do not know if it was human or not, whatever it was. I convinced myself that it was more than likely a deer, and was hit by another truck like my own at highway speeds, that would definitely do significant damage. But in retrospect, I’ve never seen roadkill missing it’s flesh before. [Source]


One Of Those Gut Feelings That Something Is Wrong

not on your nelly


Way back in the day, I was on a trip to Marquette, MI in a 1-ton truck hauling a 20-foot enclosed trailer. It was about 2 or 3 PM. My route had a few pickups from the lower half of the state that needed to go north. I was heading towards Grayling when I noticed the light outside was, for lack of a better word, odd. It gave me one of those gut feelings that tells you something is wrong. I pulled off at the next service station to investigate further.

Found that the sky that had been overcast all day had an almost perfectly round, giant hole or tunnel in it. Check out “fallstreak holes” or “punch clouds” for an idea of what I saw. That giant hole looked like it went up for 15,000 feet to clear blue skies. The odd light was from the green/orange light, and dark storm clouds that made the outer ring of the hole. Looked like other weather was coming in but the forecast had called for only regular rain earlier.

I don’t ignore gut feelings, so I quickly checked into a dive motel and parked my truck against the building to shield it from the current wind direction. About a 15 minutes later tornado and other crazy weather blew through just a bit north. Later found out from CB traffic that several trucks were blown off the road. I did some figuring and I would have likely been in its path when the weather went through. I made my way north the next day and it was weird seeing the downed trees from where it blew through. [Source]


She Was In A Long Blue Dress

Heather Katsoulis


This is my dad’s story. Just to explain, he’s ex-British Army, not scared of anything and super-practical.

He became a lorry driver about 1975. I think this was not long after he started.

This happened about 5 AM on a summer’s day. It was a bit misty like you get some mornings early, but bright, and he was heading out of London on the A3.

He’s driving his lorry, and up ahead was a young woman, early 20s, in a long blue dress standing by the side of the road.

So dad sees her, thinks she’s waiting for a ride to work. Just as he’s about to go past her, she jumps in front of his lorry. He immediately slams on the breaks, as he’s sure he’s hit her, but he didn’t feel a bang. But where else could she be?

Couple of cars stop to see what’s going on. Dad shakily explains and the drivers kindly offer to stay while he looks for her under the lorry.

Dad looks, and she’s not there. Other drivers look and there’s nothing. No body, no blood, no sign of anyone. They all freak out a bit and then decide to leave ASAP.

He can’t explain it. He knows she was there and he hit her. He spent the rest of his driving career avoiding that route. [Source]


Black Dog…

Tyler Lowmiller


I saw a black dog once, with another witness in the passenger seat, and this freaks us out to this day. We saw it along the side of the road. It was so black that it almost seemed to be sucking in the light around it. It turned its head towards the car and I could see no features like eyes, etc….just blackness. It started to run from the road and it was obvious it didn’t want to be seen. Creepiest thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. [Source]


Don’t Stop For Him No Matter What



Not a truck driver but I was with my wife and she was driving. We were driving on a highway through a poor urban area. The highway was separated from the neighborhoods by a concrete divider and then a chain link fence.

It was midnightish and there was just light traffic. From the side of the road a guy walks onto the highway. The Mercedes in front of us slams on the brakes and we do too.

My wife yells “OMG what is this guy doing. He just tried to kill himself.”

I see on the side of the road another couple guys crouched behind the concrete barrier.

I shouted “Go around quick. They’re trying to rob him or steal his car. If he steps in front of our car don’t stop.”

And she did go around, at probably much too leisurely a pace, but we avoided it.

The Mercedes got away too because I saw him swerve around after we passed. It was still pretty tense. Wish I was the one driving though. It’s never ideal when you need to tell your wife to run a dude over if you need to. [Source]


Get In The Left Lane

Alan Szalwinski


Driving southbound on I-25 in Wyoming at night, it was a pitch black kind of night with thick cloud cover. This is a dark sky area where on a cloudless night the stars light up the road like daylight and you can see purples and blues in the sky. On the shoulder I barely make out the shape of a car. I move to the left lane out of caution when really I had no need to, as there were no lights, and I assumed it was an abandoned. But being Wyoming with sudden 80+ MPH wind gusts, it’s a habit to just move over. As I’m passing I notice a woman just standing there with her back facing traffic in the lane of travel. I had to do a double take and called Highway Patrol. That one creeped me out quite a bit. [Source]


They Migrate

Tom Phillips


One time driving through Nevada in the middle of the night, I started to see black spots all over the road that just kept getting denser and denser over time (20-30 minutes, around midnight). It sounded like I was running over thousands of pine cones. I was a little weirded out because I swear they were moving but wasn’t sure at the time, and so I stopped at the next gas station only to find out that there was some kind of tarantula migration going on that I had never heard of before or since. I swear I must have driven over a thousand, easy. Never saw so many spiders in my life before, on or off the road. [Source]